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In person events

If you don't know what to go for, here a range of set ups to suit all budgets.

From the smallest simplest presentation on a tight budget to a full blown production set up for several hundred people.

Alternatively we can integrate into venue AV systems.


Single Display screen

Ideal for small presentations.

This single 75" screen is set up in a temporary marquee.

We set this up for our client in 'self drive' mode to keep the costs down, and then returned the following day to collect it. 

But for those with a paranoia of all things technical, one of our experienced technicians can stay behind to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

8' Projection Screen

This example of a single front projection screen is ideal for the budget conscious for audiences up to 150.

In this set up the fire exit had to be kept clear, so we put the screen to one side and the stage to the other.

Hatfield House - 1920.jpg
present slides.JPG
present slides.JPG

Rear Projection Screen

For large audiences this very large free standing screen is 20 foot from corner to corner.

It has a cloth skirt fastened at the bottom to hide the projector, which is set up behind the screen

large audience - in a factory
large audience - of factory workers

Set with twin 65" Screens

Create an intimate but professional space by using a flat set with twin 65" LED screens mounted directly onto the set


Expand with repeater screens

To increase coverage, you can use duplicate 'repeater' screens to make sure the visuals can be seen by everyone in the room.

Ideal for this intimate training session.

present slides.JPG

Single screen set for up to 300

The addition of graphics on a flat set gives you the opportunity to brand the stage and presentation area.

Here a single 14' screen was used as the focal point and is ideal for up to 300 people to share PowerPoint and video 

coventry-stagesset only.JPG
present slides.JPG

LED Wall set for up to 300

In environments with large amounts of ambient light, a screen made up of LED panels is the only way of really sharing your slide content without compromise. 

present slides.JPG

Twin screen set for up to 500

This branded backdrop behind a central stage was finished with two 14 foot rear projection screens either side.

The use of coloured lighting completed the look.

It was perfect for an audience of around 500

Manchester Central - 1920.jpg

Multi screen setup

This impressive set up used four 14 foot screens as the main displays.

There was a central stage with a central LED wall behind the set, allowing for moving logos and a changes in backdrop.

This allowed the technical team to transform the space from a daytime formal presentation to a relaxed entertainment venue for the evening show.

present slides.JPG

Staging Options

Using a stage raises your presenters to be better seen by the audience.

This 30cm high stage included ramps for wheelchair users  

stage steps

​This stage used inset steps for stage access  


Comfort monitors

Down stage monitor screens allow the presenter to see what's on the screen without repeatedly looking behind them. 

This set up shows PowerPoint notes pages as well

comfort monitor with stage timer

The addition of a stage timer can help to keep your event running to time

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